Getting here

Getting here by car

Alsópetény is superbly accessible for Budapest and it takes only a matter of 40 minutes by car. Take the 2A highway and exit at junction Rád, right before Vác. Continue past Rád, Penc. When you get to Keszeg, continue on the road towards Galgaguta at the Nőtincs-Galgaguta intersection. In Galgaguta keep left behind the church. Continue along the road and you get to Alsópetény. The Castle is right on the main road of the village, the entrance is from a small side street next to the Castle.

Getting here by train and bus

From Nyugati Railway Station (Budapest) take the train to Vác. From Vác take a bus (operated by Volánbusz) to Alsópetény.

Take Duna-Taxi from Vác

From Nyugati Railway Station (Budapest) take the train to Vác. During the festival Duna-Taxi company has special prices for festival visitors for the route from Vác, railway station to Alsópetény, Prónay Castle.

Prices per car for one route:
Vác-Alsópetény: 5000 HUF
Alsópetény-Vác: 5000 HUF
From Alsópetény with other destination: 5000 HUF + 200 HUF/km.

Pre-order required (min. one hour before):

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