Locations of the festival

Prónay Castle

Prónay kastélyThe Prónay Castle in Alsópetény is part of Hungary’s built heritage, as it belongs to the very much damaged group of noble residencies. Instead of pompous Baroque palaces, the buildings in the region are former residencies or manor houses of the squirearchy due to the articulate landscape of Nógrád County. The prestigious dwelling houses primarily served as permanent accommodation for the owners yet most of them had specific economic functions at the same time. As there was no place for large building complexes in the centre of the village, they were constructed on the edge of the settlement.

The Prónay Castle has been superbly restored. Authorities, experts in monument protection and the owner managed to arrive at an ideal arrangement regarding the parts of the estate needing renovation, as well as how modern installations would fit in with the existing building complex most harmoniously. The Prónay Castle today consists of four main parts: the Big Castle, the Small Castle, the Manor House with the newly attached Guesthouse and the Bathhouse. The two Castles were built in the 18th and 19th centuries; they represent the historical and architectural values of these periods.

More information: www.pronaykastely.hu

The Saint István Church in Alsópetény

Alsópetény Szent István király templomThe Roman Catholic Church was built in the fifteenth century with a Gothic sanctuary. Its Baroque style belfry retains the old Nógrád County tradition and stands separate of the church itself. The three altars are adorned by the pictures of Hungarian kings, namely István, László and Imre.

Miklós Jeszenszky had had the church restored in 1703. The nave then had flat wainscoting that István Jeszenszky had rebuilt in 1724. In 1759 the owner is Pál Bacskády and his wife, Anna Hunyadi who had the church renovated. According to an inscription the vault of the nave and the loft were also built that year.

By the southern side of the church, subsided into the ground and carved of Romhány stone, numerous 18th-19th century gravestones are to be found at their original place. Also, in front of the outer part of the sanctuary there is a cope-stone decorated with a round-ended cross, probably from the Middle Ages.

Legénd Castle

Legénd, Nyáry kastély